Best Apps For Your Mobile Phone If You Love Taking Pictures

Best Apps For Your Mobile Phone If You Love Taking Pictures

If you are a fan of taking pictures with your mobile phone, instagraming, facebook , snapchat or whatever, we have some real good news for you. We have listed the best picture-editing apps that were designed for this purpose.
You will definitly get a better “Photographing reputation” after using these gorgeous apps.

1. Priime

Priime app si free and offers 100 professional styles, inspired by some of the world’s top photographers for your outdoor phot-editing needs. Has many modern tools and a visual history on a nondestructive, max-resolution platform.




VSCO app is also free and it’s one of the most popular photo-editing apps right now, with its impressive mobile presets and advanced camera controls, you can curate VSCO profile and publish your photos for others to see.



3. Afterlight

Afterlight App costs 1 usd and for this money you get 74 fully adjustable filters, 78 natural textures, 15 adjustments tools, and 128 scalable frames. Also, the application claims to “pair perfectly with Instagram”, making it kind of popular for Instagram fans worldwide.



4. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom app is free but more complex. For the Adobe Photoshop users will be a piece of cake to work with it. This specifically app lets you craft and share presional-quality images from your smartphone or tablet. This sophisticated retouching app has a master feature called “simplified streamlining process”, wich allows you to copy our favourite edits across photos.

Available on iOS and Android


5.  Polarr

The Polarr is free and its best feature is the ability of great precision editing. It contains a customizable interface so you can tailor the app to your desires. Also, has gradula color masks, 3D Touch support, local adjustments, and nondestructive saves.


Available on iOS and Android


6. Enlight

The Enlight app gives you more artistically features to your outdoor pictures, and you can get all of that for just 4 dollars. The all-inclusive platform contains creative features like, sketch filters, painterly effects, and street art transformation, though every aspect of the app.

Available on iOS


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