Best Circuit Workout you should practice

You you were looking for a circuit workout, full of multitasking moves and to be also effective, this is what you have been looking for all the time. The most effective for toning your entire body in just a little time. We will present you all the details of the exercises here, you should print out this workout and get started right away.

First Step: start with a five minutes light cardio to get warmed up. Get your set of dumbbells, weight between five and ten pounds, and start performing each 3-exercises circuit three times before moving to the next.
Than cool yourself down by performing five minutes of stretching.

1.Circuit One : Overhead Press on back lunge

10 Reps on each leg

  • Standing on your left leg with your right knee up, bring both weights overhead to start.
  • Coming into a lunge, step your right foot back making 90-degree angles with both knees, and lower the weights to the site bending your elbows to 90-degrees.
  • With control, push off your right foot, bringing your right knee forward while pressing the weights over the head, with palms facing out. This is only one rep.
  • Do ten reps, and switch legs.

Doing these type of reps will chalenge your balance firing up your core instantly and it also tones your shoulders and butt.


Circuit One: Reverse Fly with Side Plank

10 reps on each side.

  • Standing on your left side, start in a sid plank, holding your weight in your right hand with your right arm parallel to the floor.
  • Pull your abs toward your spine and exhale to stabilize your torso as you raise yoour right arm to the ceiling. Never let your hand travel behind your shoulder. Lower the weight back to starting position to complete one of the 10 reps.
  • Split your legs bringing your right leg forward to steady yourself if you feel unstable in this position.
  • DO 10 reps before switching sides

By doing the side planks will tone the muffin top and combined with reverse fly not only challenges the abs . but also tones the back of shoulder. Ta add stability in the reps, squeeze your inner thighs togheter.

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