Blue bracelet of Sheriff Hopper From Stranger Things Season 2

On the new Stranger Things Season 2 are levels to each of the characters. Almost any episode you watch will make you rewatch the entire season. Now, at the end of the season 2 there are many details about each one of the residents in Hawkins, Indiana. For example Sheriff Hopper, role played by David Harbour. Besides his good looks and epic dance moves, there is something more interesting about its character that provides large dose of insight: his bright blue bracelet.

From the first season you could see that the sheriff is wering the blue bracelet, in almost all the episodes. An apparent connection is at the season one finale, when the sheriff flashes back to his moments with his late daugther, Sara, while searching for Will in the Upside Down. In the first flashback finale, Sara appears to have a panic attack, and we can see that she is wearing hair ties with the same color as his bracelet., even if he doesn’t wera it in that exact scene.

After we find out that Sara had cancer, in the scene on the hospital bed, the sheriff has the blue bracelet on his hand, making us believe that the bracelet is actual the Sara’s hair ties from the first scene, thinking that maybe that is the way the sheriff is supporting the lose of his daugther’s hair.

In the season 2 , even if it is harder to spot the bracelet, is definitly there, and to be more convincing, we can see the bracelet in the scene when the sheriff is trying to get in touch with Eleven via radio.

In one of the final scenes of the season, Eleven is wering the exact same bracelet, after she officialy becomes the sheriff daugther, or after Dr. Owens produces a fake birth certificate. Maybe just a coincidence, but not really, as Hopper gave his bracelet to Eleven. The assumption is that Hopper maybe “replaced” Sara with Eleven and the bracelet is the promise that he will take care and protect Eleven as his daugther he once had. All of that said, Hopper sees an opportunity to medn and move on, giving him a second chance.

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