Harry Potter’s Parents Lily Evans and Marauders


If you are Harry Potter Fan than you should definitly read about this. The biggest stories we all want to know about is not necessarily of Newt Scamander and his adventures, it is all about Harry’s parents and their lives before him. It should be a real treat to know more details about the Marauders adventures or even how close Lily Evans was with Severus Snape. One new fan film gave us a peek into that life with the short web series Lily Evans and the Elenventh Hour.

This specific web series movie created by Apple Juice Productions, we found out that Lily Evans,in her sixth year at Hogwarts, had a friendship with Alice Longbottom and in a relantionship with James Potter. There are three parts of this short web series and it can be watched on Apple Juice Production’s Youtube channel. We have posted the first episode above and hope you will enjoy it.

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