List of the most underrated Horror Movies

As most of our readers are interested in movies we prepared a list of the most underrated horror movies of all time.


  1. S&man ( SandMan )

A cool documentary by J.T. Petty about underground horror films uncovers a director whose onscreen victims just might be the real thing.

The lead curator of Shudder si Colin Geddes. He joines Shudder from the film fstival world, selecting cutting-edge films for Toronto International Film Festival since 1998 as a programmer for TIFF’s Midnight Madness and Vanguard sessions. Some of his movie names like, Fantasia, Toronto After Dark are in the list of his best movies ever.


2. Acolytes


A serial killer is discovered by some high school students in their community and all the efforts to bring him to justice are not going on the right path, makeing things more complicated. This thriller stars Joel Edgerton, the director of the recent film The Gift.


3. Mr. Vampire


Something like a Hong Kong of Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, this thriller is a pretty goofy but it features some kung fu stunts mixed for silly shocks.


4. Evil Dead Trap


A good Japanese shocker that blends the slasher/Giallo with a perverse body horror conclusion, with many kills that are being presented as best moments by Dario Argento.


5. Cropsey


This documentary investigates the true story behind a urban legend about a real-life boogeyman, a mental patient named Cropsey who used to kill children. All of this film is based on real events.


6. The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue


This particulary Italian/Spanish coproduction falls between two other horror films like Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. Long story short, a crazy man-made science brings the dead back to life, with gory, grim and grisly results.


7. Pulse

Maybe the best horror film created by Kiyoshi Kurosawa about the “ghosts in the machine” of modern technology and the internet. His idea of the horror movie,a unique surreal and haunting one, is about the isolation and paranoia cause by computer technology.


8. Raw Meat


After watching this British horror film about a group of cannibalistic survivors of a turn-of-the-century cave-in in London’s underground subway tunnels, make you think twice when you are in the situation of taking the subway…


9. The Exorcist III


A very succesfull novel called Legion ,adapted by William Peter Blatty into a follow-uo to William Friedkin’s masterpiece. When the climax of an actula exorcism wasn’t delivered, the stuiod created their own ending. All this togheter, the film has some memorable set pieces and genuine jump-out-of-yur seat jolts.

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