Number One Reason You’re Not Losing Weight


Many of us are asking the same question! “ Why can’t I lose weight? I am doing the best workouts ever, i am eating healty but still… no weight lose ???” Nothing can be more frustrating than this. From our research we have found something very interesting and also helpful if you are in the same situation.

The first big mistake people make when trying to lose weight is the entire idea of “restricting themself too much”. We are not talking about the food choices, but the amount of food everyone is eating. Depriving our body of food, will put it in starvation mode and it stores what food it does get as fat. If you hate the food you are eating, don’t stick with the program, the chance of losing weight is gone.

The best solution for you is to find a happy medium between eating enough calories to keep you satiated, but enough to also create a calorie deficit to result in a pound or two lost a week. The main idea is to include in your diet the food you love and if they are not the healthiest, find a healthier way to enjoy them. is that simple. Allow yourself just a small taste each day, chocolate for example, to satisfy your cravings. This way of eating will be much easier to maintain for a period of time and you will stick with your goal you want to achieve.

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