Photos of William and Harry embracing Camilla as their stepmom

After Camillia Parker Bowles married Prince Charles in April 2005, she didn’t get only a husband but also expanded her familly. Camilla already shares daughter Laura and son Tom with her ex-husband Andrew Parker Bowles, while Prince Charles has two son, Prince Harry and Prince William, from his marriage with Princess Diana. Often, the entire royal familly attends to official events togheter, and it looks like Camilla doesn’t seem to have too much fun with the two brothers Harry and William, as she does with Kate Middleton. But from these photos it appears that the brothers have accepted Camilla as their stepmother. Have a look on the photos below showing their best moments so far.


  1. Camilla was photographed while flashed a sweet smile at William after arriving at the unveiling of the queen mother;s statue in London in February 2009.

2. William was having a interesting conversation with Camilla making her grinning from ear to ear at the commemoration service at London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral in October 2009.
From the big smile on Camilla’s face, surely was a funny joke .


3.¬†October 2008: Prince Harry kisses Camilla on the cheek at a Thanksgiving service held at England’s St. Mary.s Church.


4. During the Burberry Cup in England in June 2005 William greeted Camilla with a sweet kiss making her almost blush.


5. During National Commemorative Service for the anniversary of the Battle of Britain at Westminster Abbey in September 2010, William and Camilla walking togheter.


6. During the Thames River pageant in London in June 2012 William was caught sharing a very good joke with Camilla.


7. At the RAF graduation ceremony of Prince William in England April 2008 , Camilla was walking aside him in the rain.


8. In April 2006, on the steps of St. George’s Chapel while attending the Thanksgiving service for the queen’s 80th birthday, the royal familly standing togheter.

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