How to Structure Your Workout – Strenght vs. Cardio

If you ever asked more than one bodybuilding trainers definitly they all said that a healthy workout routine consists of strenght training, cardio , and rest days, ideally spread throughout the week. But for some of us, who love to be in the gym everyday in long sessions, the commons question seems to be : “What should i work on first? Cardio or strenght?”

Natalie Carey, certified trainer and sports nutritionist at DIAKADI Fitness, definitly made me believe what is the best solution to start a healty daily workout. I qoute: ” Strenght training should always come first- always!”. It seems like it really makes sense now, right? It looks like the benefits of structuring your workouts by doing this way first, are more than plenty.

Fat Loss

Many of us are trying to loose weight, we are going to gym to exercise but our main idea is the FAT LOSS exercise. So, if loosing weight is your goal, the extra fatness you want to get rid of, weight training before your cardio session has major benefits, as Natalie said. The strenght training increases the “afterburn effect”. Our resting metabolism rate is heightened and our body is working to help the muscles recover, which results in an increased calorie burn long after we finish the workout. Maybe the best place to be in when we start the cardio session.

The same agreement is with Diana Chaloux, CPT and owner of the online personal-training website called HitchFit.
“When you strenght train, your body utilizes glycogen ( stored carbohydrates ) for fuel,” said Diana. “So if you strenght train first and the do lower-intensity cardio immediately after, which uses fat for fuel, you create an enviroment in your body conducive to fat metabolism.” Basically by the time you get to your cardio session, your body will be primed to burn fat at a higher rate than if you did it the other way around.

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