The most famous snake on the Internet

If you are a pet lover you should probably see this one! The most famous snake on the Internet right now is the Ball Python that has a very techy look. You will be interested in what Justin Kobylka , reptile expert , managed to create an emoji-patterned ball python after eight years of selective breeding.
Justin Kobylka is specialized in uniquely colored and patterned snakes, and puts them up for sale on the internet through his website. This particullary emoji snake, a Lavender Albino Piebald ball python, shows several clearly visible smiley faces on its skin.
Nowadays, many criticize the idea of pet breeding for cosmetic purposes, but for this special snake you would have to take it up with the python breeder. It seems like this wonderful snake is valued more than 4 thousand usd but we doubt a pet trend this time consuming, controversial, and also expensive will catch on widely, but definitly a very interesting thing to look at. Enjoy the video above.

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