Whitey Winn on Netflix’s Godless Series

If you are a Netflix fan and you like westerns , a new drama tv series has been added , called Godless ,than you should have noticed Whitey Winn, right? One particular lawman might have caught your eye, from all the gunslingers that are trying to bring down the gang of outlaws terrorizing various townsfolk. Yes it is true… the Game Of Thrones actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster ( Jojen Reed ) is the seriff’s Deputy on Godless.

While practicing six-shooters in the mirrors, pumping with lines like , “You know why they call me Whitey Winn? ‘Cause I always do.” He really have some serious gun skilss, which he display’s them in one night when some troublemakers start shooting their guns off. Still very impressive even if we didn’t expected Thomas Brodie-Sangster with this type of acting.

Beside Game of Thrones, Brodie-Sangster also appeared in Christmas movie called Love Actually playing as Liam Neeson’s stepson, Sam – the one who ran through the airport to declare his love for Joanna .

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